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Quiet Riot Hollywood Cowboys review

Quiet Riot's latest album Hollywood Cowboys is a fantastic old school melodic hard rock album, something the band has always done excruciatingly well no matter who was in the band. The riffs, the hooks, it'll drive ya mad. 
The album kicks off with the awesome riff of Don't' Call It Love, a pure sleazy rocker. James vocals are great, I never understood the hate. Killer. Next up is In The Blood, with an  awesome groove. Very vibey. Very AOR. Not a bad thing. It picks up for an epic, powerful chorus. Very vampyric. The band itself is on fire. Just energetic and fun to the bone. As it should be. Heartbreak City is pure 80s hard rock. Has a groove similar to Deep Purple. A hook out of this world. Definitely sleazy. The Devil That You Know is a fast paced rocker, galloping like a wild steed while your getting shot at. And yet still has amazing hooks. Being an outcast ain't always easy, but with anthems like this it makes it easier. Change or die has a heavy intro riff. A gre…
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Garcia Peoples One Step Behind album review

Garcia Peoples third release in a year and a half, One Step Behind is an incredible psychedelic folk album with obvious influence by Jerry himself and others, a very pleasant piece of work  Starting out with some horns that sound like they are in a kaleidoscope. So vibey and droney. Followed by some beautiful wah infuses arpeggio guitar work. These peoples have done their homework. Then at ten minutes on the whole band comes in playing around it with more wah and wee bit of fuzz. It just gets groovier as it goes on. The vocals are done well , with delightful melodies vocally and musically.  Heart and Soul has a gorgeous piano intro, and a soulful vocal. This is a wonderful, surprising record. Sublime and groovy all at the same time.

Sunn0))) Pyroclasts review

The twin album to Life Metal is here. Sunn0)))'s latest Pyroclasts was a living, breathing record alongside the recent Life Metal release, coexisting on the same master tapes as well. Recorded once again by the great Steve Albini, this record is easily as sublime,  if not more so than its twin album Life Metal. 
We start off the journey in soundscape with Frost, some eerie hymn like feedback. Then come some crushing guitars out of the sky. This sounds darker than their previous record, but the auras are sinister and haunting.  Kingdoms starts off in the same way but no feedback. The vibes on this record are absolutely fucking intense. Dark,yet invigorating. Like ablack sun shining its dark rays on you. Sucks you in like a black hole. God damn. Ampliphædies continues in a similar vibe, but this riff is fuckin heavy. Take a trip to the darkest pits of your mind, feel the gloom a bit.  Ascension starts off with surprisingly upbeat sounding feedback. Creating a bit lighter of an aura than…

Sadartha Growth EP Review

Sadartha's third release is the ep Growth. With slightly better production than the last two albums, the band drops most of the hardcore punk influences going for a pure grunge sound. Opening track Emptifull has a sweet groove in the verse and explodes on the chorus. The band seems to have found their footing hear. Jangly muddy guitars, pulsating bass, and frantic but precise drums. Is it 1992 again? Aconitum starts with a watery sounding guitar riff. So slow and vibey. This is like Nirvana's Nevermind meets Alice In Chain's Jar Of Flies. So dark, so sublime.  Eclipsing Binaries sounds upbeat.a lazy day with a joint in the sun with nothing to do is what comes to mind. Really good song. Nice melodies. These dudes are definitely on the rise and just get better. Sacred Scorcher has such an awesome groove. Hearing a little Mudhoney influence here. Then the guitars distort and it's a train barrelling down the tracks at 110 mph on fire. It's fucking great.  Just Skin starts o…

Mudhoney Morning In America EP review

Mudhoney are back with Morning In America, the new so by the grunge rock legends. One of the smaller bands that didn't get huge like Soundgarden or Nirvana, perhaps that's why they are still around. With Stooges influenced garage punk with that muddy guitar tone, this is classic Mudhoney.
Vortex of Lies starts us off with a slow survey riff full of fuzz and feedback. Has a waltz like vibe with brilliant lyrics. Has a slight stoner rock vibe. Totally rad. Very raw production. Creeps Are Everywhere is upbeat and fun. Very groovy.  Ensam I Naft is reminiscent of Into The Drink sounding, the only cover on the ep. Some sweet synth wooshes. Side 1 ends with the title track Morning In America. Very good. Slower but vibey. The opening line 'America hates itself.' Wow, fuckin profound. There are a lot of ills in our society, and they talk about it. Such a strong song, reminiscent of If I Think.  Side 2 begins with Let's Kill Yourself Live Again, a hell of a title. And it reall…

Kiss live Syracuse 8/27/19

Kiss brought its psycho circus style of rock n' roll church to Syracuse NY for the last time ever,and it was a phenomenal sermon, albeit bittersweet. 

Kiss has always been a live band, and that is just as true here on 8/27/19. Its a warm night with an electric aura throughput the crowd. The intro comes and the curtain drops and detroit rock city explodes as they come down from the top of the amphitheater. They are still the hottest band in the land, despite  pushing 70. Shout it out loud, War machine, Calling Doctor Love and many more classic Kiss anthems played well and full of vitality and energy. Eric's drum solo had some vintage alive 2 era props, amazing. After Cold Gin, Tommy's guitar solo involved shooting rockets out if his flying v guitar towards a flying saucer, which as much of an Ace fan i am, was the coolest god damn Kiss guitar solo I have ever seen.  After Black Diamond they come out for encores, Eric playinga piano and singing Beth, and then a 80s surprise of…

Sadartha Eden album review

Eden is the second album by grunge rock dudes Sadartha, from Richmond, VA. Described as an acid trip gone horribly wrong, Sadartha fire on all three cylinders, with influences ranging from Mudhoney, Nirvana, Bad Brains, and Gruntruck, these dudes are hardcore. Nautilus starts us off with a heavy punky fast burner, like Melvins meets Mudhoney. Explosive, raw, and impressive. The right ingredients in the right places. Soul Science begins with a trippy intro and a very Love Battery like vibe ensues. Very floaty, and then the distortion kicks in, and this Mudhoney/Nirvana hybrid comes out. Great vocals, great playing, great attitude. Great melodies, too. These dudes are not clones, they have a unique mesh of influences and their own way of doing it Spiral has a slow drumbeat, and a soft early Nirvana like guitar line. And out of nowhere the song explodes into awesome epic glory. So fucking powerful This is true grunge noise dirge rock. The passion and feeling and vindication is incendiar…