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Doom Side Of The Moon Review 2017

There is something special about this album. In it's original form, Pink Floyd wrote the perfect concept album, about a world gone mad.Whether it be lust, greed, what have you, the human race's ignorance is clearly going to be mankinds biggest downfall, and it's happening all around and everyone is oblivious to it. That album was written and released in 1973.The fact that the words still ring true today is sad, sick, and scary. The album, musically, was a pyschedelic/prog rock masterpiece, spacey guitars and sounds, ambience, atmosphere, and some of the earliest electronic music ever used. Groundbreaking at the time, this album was on the top 100 US albums chart from 1973-1988. That, in of itself, should speak of the magnitude, and the reason, that, in 2017, A guy from Stoner Doom Metal band The Sword, decided stoned one day, that he wanted to hear a heavy version of the Pink Floyd track "Time", so he decided to embark on covering the whole album in a stoner, dro…

Wrathchild-Stakk Attakk Two review

What we have here is a great sleazy rock ‘n’ roll album with lots of attitude from England’s hair metal ‘quireboys’ Wrathchild. You may remember the band’s 1984 debut Stakk Attakk, but this is Wrathchild in the modern world with their first studio album in over twenty years and a great new singer named Gaz Psychowrath. The music on Stakkattakktwo is extremely powerful with the same type of anthemic songs that made the original version of Wrathchild so great and the album itself is a rockin’ comeback that holds nothing back.
  The opening track “Goin’ Down” is a great hard rock track full of attitude that will seriously make you throw your fists in the air and start headbanging. “All About U” follows and is a fantastic ’70s glam styled song with the typical Wrathchild twist — including some synth and even a piano during the guitar solo. This one is another great song and proves that Psychowrath‘s voice gives the band a more powerful edge. “Cherie Cherie” is my personal favorite on the a…

The Devil's Blood-Graveyard Shuffle 7"/Come Reap EP Review

The Devil's Blood debut single, The Graveyard Shuffle, is a solid, dark, satanic psychedelic rock record, with influences by  Roky Erickson and The Aliens, 13th Floor Elevators, and Black Widow. The A side, Graveyard shuffle is a great, dark 60's garage band vibe, amazing guitar harmonies, and a phenomal voice sung by founder, lead guitarist, and songwriter Selim "S.L." Lemouchi's sister Farida. These guys are the real deal, they really did practice theistic satanism, and you can feel it in the music. There's alot of darkness in the beautiful, melodic psychedelic landscapes. The B side, A Waxing Moon Over Babylon, is so beautiful, and has an almost poppish harmony, singing about evil shit, speaking to demons to guide the songwriter. It's unique, and fresh and crisp. S.L. is severely missed, and isn't really recognized for his talent, unfortunately, he took his own life by choice, not depression, at the age of 33. This is just a small snippet of thing…

Devil-Time To Repent Review

Time to Repent, the debut album of norwegian doomsters Devil. in 2011 this record was released, a quasi concept album. The band took notes from Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Witchfinder General, and Saint Vitus. Focusing on curses, and an occult theme, with witches and damnation steady, this album is pretty classic and impressive. Very raw production, not a bad thing, its pure. They have the bluesy realm of early Sabbath on breaking the curse, an upbeat, bluesy waltz song called Break The Curse, going on a about "true love's kiss won't break the curse I know", makes for a great introduction. The next track Blood is boiling begins with an awesome riff, and lyrics about being haunted at night by a witch he saw burn at the stake, that he loved. So catchy though. The title track of the album, has a great fucking riff, a great hook, and fantastic lyrics. The thing about these guys is, as simple as the songs are, you kind of feel like you're in medieval times if you allo…

Gnome-Six Hi Surprise Tower Review

Gnome is a obscure grunge rock band from the mid 90's, taking influence from Mudhoney, and Nirvana, and their own brand of
weirdness, they are brilliant. Raw, static, feedback filled, pop songs. More people should know about these guys. Their debut record Six Hi Surprise Towwer
came out in 1992. I went on a whim and bought the cd based on the fact of one really good song, and the album was outstanding.

The firt track is On The House, which is probably their best known track, filled with hooks,
and very swampy, fuzzy guitars. The chrous of "jesus is a lie" is just brilliant.

The second track, 13 Family, has a strong Mudhoney flavour to it. Upbeat, and punky. Loren Evans voice is almost akin to a more grungy John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls.

The third track, Up To, starts off a little bluesy, with a soft slowly building lick. This song has a very nice groove to it. Some tambourine adds a nice touch to it. The it explodes on the chorus with the pedals stomped on for ful…

Why I Love Vol. 4 by Black Sabbath

There are a limited number of albums that made an impression on me growing up as Black Sabbath Vol 4 did. It is one of my favourite
albums of all time, and i still go back to it and bask in the glow of the first time hearing it. I was 12. The album starts off with Wheels of Confusion, which is a great stoner doom song about the end of childhood innocence,
which is nothing alien to me, as I went through it for a long time, a longer time than usual with kids. By the time I first
heard it, I related to it immediately, because i had accepted the fact that the world fucking sucks, and there's fuck all you can
do about it. Just except your lot, and get on with it I guess. The riffs gave me a natural high, you can hear the dopesmoke seeping
through the speakers. It's as if it was sonically laced with phenomenol pot, which is no surprise, althogh the band were into cocaine at the time.
The outro riff, sometimes seperately titled The Straightener, is a fucking dark psychedelic jam, an…

Wallis Of Damn Dice Interview 2013

Damn Dice have been a part of the London sleaze circuit for a couple of years now, and are about to unleash their debut EP ‘Wild ‘N’ Ready’. The band is top notch and the EP is a ballsy blast of high energy rock complete with soaring vocals and screaming guitars — this band doesn’t disappoint. Sleaze Roxx recently caught up with guitarist Wallis, who co-founded the band with his brother Fransoa, to talk about all things Damn Dice.

Hey Wallis, it’s an honor to talk to you. How are ya?

Wallis: Thank you very much Andy, the pleasure is mine. I feel great, I’m excited! We’ve got so many things going on at the moment, the EP is coming out soon and its first reviews are all great. We’ve just shot two new music videos, that was really fun, and we’ve got some cool gigs coming up soon as well. We’ll be supporting Tigertailz in November — that’s so cool. The album is ready too and sounds fucking cool man, we’re very proud of it.

 At what point did you realize you wanted to play guitar in a roc…

Damn Dice-Wild N' Ready EP review 2013

I’ve been a fan of Damn Dice for about three years now, and I must say their debut EP Wild ‘N’ Ready is a raucous ass-kicking blend of ball busting rock ‘n’ roll with great vocals and musical hooks, and also killer melodies.

The six song EP gets straight to the point with “Bang Your Head”, a hard rocker with a bridge that holds back the mayhem of the chorus. This song will send you into a mesmerizing fury of headbanging, no matter where you are, and the solo executed by lead axeman Wallis is incredible. “Caught In The Ride” is top notch as well — with very inspiring words, Alex‘s voice is soaring and the sing along melodies are great. “Take The Fight” is anthemic and also inspiring, with great vocals, an ass-kicking guitar riff, frantic drums, and backing vocals and harmonies that are once again a perfect blend. Heavy and rocking with a sense of melody, the song is about standing up for yourself and not taking people’s shit.

“Down” has varied a little bit over the last few years, but is…

Rocky Shades Interview 2013

As the ‘Godfather of Glam Metal’, Rocky Shades built a cult following with the band Wrathchild. Unfortunately, legal battles created a four year hiatus between the albums ‘Stakk Attakk’ and ‘The Biz Suxx’ all but killing the group’s momentum. Currently Shades front a new endeavor called Wildside Riot, who released their debut album ‘No Second Take’ earlier this year. Shades sat down with me to talk about his new band ( who are currently working on their sophomore effort), life with Wrathchild, and how he would have to restrain himself from violence if he ever came across his old bandmates.

When did you realize you wanted to be in a rock band?

Rocky Shades: I realized that I wanted to be in a rock band when some girls at a party I was at heard me singing along to my favorite bands (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, KISS, etc) and told me I should be in a band. I could see that even some of my ugly local bands members were becoming chick magnets, so I decided it was the way to go …

Year Of The Goat-The Unspeakable Review

Year Of The Goat is an Occult Rock band, Hailing from Sweden,formed in 2006, Influenced by Coven, Black Widow, and other dark 60's psychedlia,
they have a unique sound, atmospheric, evil, and melodic as all fuck. Taking a modern spin on an older genre, it is absolutely
fantastic, and out of this world.

Year Of The Goat's second full length album, The Unspeakable, is a dark, evil, neo-psychedlia masterpiece.
A follow up to their debut Angels Necropolis, it expands on their unique approach to music, complete with a mellotron.
First track All He Has Read is the longest trock, clocking in at 12:43, starts of with creepy whisper chanting to the dark lord,
with a tribal drum beat, setting the mood for the lp. The music picks up and it sounds amazing. The production is brilliant,
takes an old style and makes it modern, it doesn't sound dated in the least. It continues with atmospheric whispers, and a tolling bell,
going into an Iron Maiden like riff and music structure, on barel…

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats-The Night Creeper review

The Night Creeper, by Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, is their third record, and it shows them progressing. And its fucking fantastic. It has the riffs and vibes of Black Sabbath, with haunting vocals, and a sense of melody that most Stoner Doom Metal bands lack. There are hooks, and dark vibes. It's incindiary. And if anybody doubts their legitimacy, they opened for Black Sabbath on the UK leg of their last tour, which in Doom, that's a hell of a endorsement. They don't copy Sabbath, they put their own dark, melodic spin on the genre.
This record is absolutely phenomenal, dark, abysmal, eerie, and filled with incredible freakin riffs. With lyrics that are reminscent of old school b movie horror films, they create an atmosphere that literally makes you feel like you are walking down a dark alley in the cold English rain. With songs like Waiting For Blood, Pusher Man, and the title track,  slow, sludgeing Sabbath-esgue riffs, Iron Maiden like guitar harmonies, and hints of d…

Marty Mayhem And The Liabilities-Live At The Rifle EP

Marty Mayhem And The Liabilites are a band that formed out of the ashes of the glam punk rock n roll band, The Smokin' Prophets. Marty and the band split, due to creative differences. Marty, the frontman, and lead guitarist of this three piece Punk Rock N' Roll band are phenomenal. The EP is Live, at The Rifle, at their first gig. It's four new tracks, which are in a different direction than the Prophets, but still retains the spirit. It's a bit darker, and real, on songs like Am I A Ghost, sings of being an outcast. It sounds more mature than the prophets, less glammy. They are a powerhouse live band, raw, and real. Marty has really come a long way, from being Lead Guitarist/songwriter in Hollywood Trash, to being a great frontman. No ego, and a serious, talented, amazing musician, singer, and frontman. His voice is like a raspy, pissed off Johnny Thunders, and a hint of Kurt Cobain. This band, for this being their first live gig, are tight as hell. The song Get Elec…

Rückwater Bonehead EP Review

Hailing from Scandanvia, Rückwater's debut EP, Bonehead, is a fantastic stoner rock EP, similar to Graveyard, but with some neopsychedelic vibes. The album kicks off with the awesome, heavy, powerful Once More With Feeling, it's pure old school hard rock. Zeppelin like vocals, and grooves. The riff is so fucking massive and intense. No Gain has an almost a trippy punk/grunge rock vibe, fast paced, and frantic. Fantastic vocals, and frantic. Labrynth has a pure blues vibe. Clean, warm sounding guitars start it off. Almost an Alice In Chains vibe. It's definitely a unqiue, good mix. Great lyrics, great mood. Not one song sounds the same on this record, and it still ties in and works so well. It picks up in the middle with a Soundgarden like riff, and get nice and heavy and upbeat, and slows down for a nice, light, fluffy euphoric cloud like outro. the riffs on this record are fucking awesome. Super Frustration is an intense, short burst of literally pure aggression, kind of…