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Kiss live Syracuse 8/27/19

Kiss brought its psycho circus style of rock n' roll church to Syracuse NY for the last time ever,and it was a phenomenal sermon, albeit bittersweet. 

Kiss has always been a live band, and that is just as true here on 8/27/19. Its a warm night with an electric aura throughput the crowd. The intro comes and the curtain drops and detroit rock city explodes as they come down from the top of the amphitheater. They are still the hottest band in the land, despite  pushing 70. Shout it out loud, War machine, Calling Doctor Love and many more classic Kiss anthems played well and full of vitality and energy. Eric's drum solo had some vintage alive 2 era props, amazing. After Cold Gin, Tommy's guitar solo involved shooting rockets out if his flying v guitar towards a flying saucer, which as much of an Ace fan i am, was the coolest god damn Kiss guitar solo I have ever seen.  After Black Diamond they come out for encores, Eric playinga piano and singing Beth, and then a 80s surprise of…
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Sadartha Eden album review

Eden is the second album by grunge rock dudes Sadartha, from Richmond, VA. Described as an acid trip gone horribly wrong, Sadartha fire on all three cylinders, with influences ranging from Mudhoney, Nirvana, Bad Brains, and Gruntruck, these dudes are hardcore. Nautilus starts us off with a heavy punky fast burner, like Melvins meets Mudhoney. Explosive, raw, and impressive. The right ingredients in the right places. Soul Science begins with a trippy intro and a very Love Battery like vibe ensues. Very floaty, and then the distortion kicks in, and this Mudhoney/Nirvana hybrid comes out. Great vocals, great playing, great attitude. Great melodies, too. These dudes are not clones, they have a unique mesh of influences and their own way of doing it Spiral has a slow drumbeat, and a soft early Nirvana like guitar line. And out of nowhere the song explodes into awesome epic glory. So fucking powerful This is true grunge noise dirge rock. The passion and feeling and vindication is incendiar…

Sunn0)) Life Metal Review

Sunn0)) is either band you love or hate, and their latest album Life Metal is pure droney goodness. The empowering yet dark ambient vibes suck your soul and stir it around through these four long epic pieces of pure sonic art. Reclrded and mixed by Steve Albini, their eighth record is pure drone. And an album title that is a contrast to 'doom and gloom', one of my favourite albums this year. This album has a maternal twin album coming called Pyroclasts soon.

Between Sleipnir's Breaths starts off the journey. Haunting vocals by Hildur Guðnadóttir, fantastic. Life Metal comparatively more upbeat tone with brightness and a symphonic vibe compared to the rest of Sunn O)))'s discography that stems in part from Anderson and O'Malley being content with their personal and creative lives. Its still fucking heavy mind you, just less hopelessness. Troubled Air comes next on this journey of ambience. You can feel the morning sun peeking through dark ancient clouds. Wonderful son…

Red Moon Architect Kuura Album Review

Kuura is the fourth album by Finnish funeral doom band Red Moon Architect. This differs tremendously from their last three records. Raw, unpolished, and unforgiving. Kuura part 1 starts us off with witchhamner like drums and a slow and forlorn agonizing atmosphere. Has a early black metal like production, the improvised vocalizations sound like souls being eviscerated in hell itself. But the music is absolute funereal beauty. It breaks down to droney guitar with synth in the background. This is one of the most unnerving records ever created. Kuura part 2 fades in with sinister cosmos like synth creating the bleakest, desolate atmosphere. The synth created cosmic wind with the eerie notes send chills up the spine. The soundscapes created paint a horrid image in your head. The final piece, Kuura par 3 starts off with a very solemn synth. Embracing the beauty of death. Incredible vibes and musicianship. Cascading guitars and the graveyard fog synth creating melody. Forlorn improvised voc…

L.A. Guns The Devil You Know review

The Devil You Know is L.A. Guns upcoming album, and it fucking rips, man. A nice next step after the awesome album The Missing Peace. Soundwise, it is like the debut album mixed with Hollywood Vampires and the first Brides Of Destruction record. Angry, sleazy, sexy, dark, and intense.
The album kicks off with the punky Rage, a powerful tune raw with Phils’ amazing vocals. musically it is reminiscent of Brides Of Destruction. Such a great start to the record. Balls out rock with a great hook. Stay Away has such a great groove, similar to Malaria. Tracii’s riffs are always top notch and this is a prime example. The production is raw in a good way, it’s not to polished and truly sounds like rock should. A face melting solo. Fuck I missed these dudes. Phil is sounding fantastic. Loaded Bomb starts off a bit bluesy, and just kicks so much ass. It rocks hard and punches you in the face with intensity and attitude, but also makes ya wanna groove or fuck. it’s got that groove, that swagger. Aft…

London Call That Girl Review

Call That Girl is the first London album since 1990. The band is still top fucking notch, and the album is fucking incindiary.
The album starts us off in totally classic London sound with Far Away. Melodic, old school, and rockin’. A rippin solo, and even in the cold of winter, this album reaks of california sun and sleaze. Welcome back London, we missed ya and we need ya. The title track Call That Girl has a total 80s vibe. Sneering,attitude filled with great hooks. Holy shit this is a rockin anthem. The sexy swagger of Aerosmith and the balls of early Van Halen. This is one helluva comeback record. I Fell In Love With A Rebel is such a vibey, melodic tune. Wonderful atmospheres. Beautifully dark. With an upbeat chorus, it's such a powerful song. Such A surprising record. It's so fresh but old school. A balance hard to achieve. Reach Up To The Skies has a slower, almost Dio like vibe. Such a powerful vocal, littered with passion, and then a transcending guitar melody brings on a …

Interview with Nadir D'Priest lead singer for London

Nadir D'Priest is the lead singer of Legendary LA glam band London, who founder Lizzie Grey even nicknamed the 'training camp for future rockstars’  in Decline Of Western Civilization part two. A set of extraordinary heavy metal god like pipes as heard on songs such as Werewolves In London and Russian Winter, London has regrouped in 2019 with a brand new album Call That Girl. I sat down with D”Priest and discussed the beginning of his tenure in the band and Londons future.

When did you decide you wanted to sing in a rock n roll band?
When I was a little kid I was a drummer so I basically started as a drummer and moved onto singing early in life.

Who were you early influences?
Black sabbath Led Zeppelin Three Dog Night YES Dio 1st album Deep Purple James Brown Sinatra and many more.

Tell me about your early groups and early experiences.
Bands I’ve been in? I started in a band called assassin in Pasadena California which moved me on to a couple other little local bands in Pasadena. …